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We have been working with Wellbeing-Solutions since 2009 and we highly recommend this service to any company aiming at offering a massage program as an employee benefit. The service is very well received by our employees. More than half of those at our Vienna head office take advantage of the treatments given by the friendly and competent practitioner.

Kerstin Artenberg, VP Human Resources, Borealis Group

The massage services offered by Wellbeing Solutions was initially for a trial period but proved to be extremely popular and was therefore extended. More than 10 years have passed by now and it has become an important element of the head office corporate well-being agenda.

Michael Schenk, Director Internal Audit, Location Manager, Borealis HQ

Ich bin mit Wellbeing Solutions sehr zufrieden. Die MitarbeiterInnen, die regelmäßig Behandlungen bekommen sind begeistert.
Für mich persönlich bedeuten die professionellen Massagen eine deutliche Verbesserung der Work-Life-Balance.

Doris Pulker-Rohrhofer, Techn. Geschäftsführung, Wien-Hafen

Firmenmassagen, Burnout, betriebliche Gesundheitsförderung, Verspannungen, Stress, Burnout, Schnuppertag

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