In-House Massage

benefits more than you think

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Onsite massage treatments is an extremely cost-effective way for companies to alleviate physical and mental tension at work and extremely popular with employees. Our treatments are easy to perform at the workplace and fit into the daily schedule.

Organising massage at your workplace is simple. All you need is to provide a room, for instance, the company doctor´s room or a meeting room. Start by getting together a list of people interested prior to our first visit so we can introduce ourselves and find an appointment. A link to the easy-to-use online booking system especially created for your company can then be given to your employees to register and to book their slots.

Payment Options

- Costs are paid in total by company
- Costs are paid by both company and employees 
- Costs are paid by individual employee

Our Therapists

- Fully qualified professionals  
- Multilingual 
- Experts in multiple techniques 
- Personable and friendly


Studies have shown that the benefits of corporate massages are almost instant. The brain begins to recharge in just a few minutes and, with just the right touch, tired muscles feel rejuvenated right away. 

Austria’s leading employers are taking an active role in the health and wellbeing of their employees. So what do they know that others don’t? It’s simple, they’ve done a cost-benefit analysis and determined that a healthy, stress-free employee is an employee who is in the best position to make a positive contribution to the company and its bottom line.

Regardless of what industry your company is in, or what service it offers, its most important asset is always your people. So creating a comprehensive wellness program that includes onsite massage possibilities to take the best care of your employees, makes perfect business sense.
What better way to tell your employees that you care about their physical wellbeing?


- Reduces health care costs
- Relieves muscular-skeletal tension 
- Prevents and/or counteracts injuries from posture
- Relaxes the mind and raises energy levels
- Boosts morale and productivity

Music, as the universal language of harmony, is another beautiful way for us to create the reknown Wellbeing Solutions atmosphere during treatments, before and after. The styles of music selected by DJs Scheibosan, Makossa, Bawaka, Sai, Liquid Radio, Heimlich and more, promote the desired state of relaxation.