Personal Development 

State of mind is everything

We are specialized in:

Restful sleep * Authentic leadership * Resilience

Individual or group coaching

Restful sleep

Did you know that every 5th employee suffers from chronic sleep deprivation? Lack of sleep has far-reaching and costly consequences for your business. As a result, it leads to 37% more accidents at work, reduces productivity by 24% and causes long periods of sick leave due to secondary illnesses such as heart attacks, depression or burnout.
Restful sleep is essential for energetic employees and the long-term success of your company.

In this compact coaching, your employees will learn how to sleep restfully again and again using simple, individually adapted and tried-and-tested methods.

Individual coaching

Lead yourself & others 


Are you good at leading yourself or others? Have you already learned a lot
about leadership or communication, but are unable to effectively implement
what you have learned?
In order to appear convincing, credible and self-confident,
body language and perception are essential. But these are often missing links.

The unique psychosomatic coaching program creates clarity, awareness and competence; this creates resilience and constructive behavior.

2 day retreat

Build resilience

How resilient are you? We are all confronted with high demands every day, not only at work. We can only meet these demands if we have a high level of resilience and know what constitutes a real work-life balance.
If we succeed in bringing all areas of life into balance, this guarantees a high quality of life, both professionally and privately.

A special retreat to recharge and realign.